EGYPT ENERGY SHOW 2024: DOEAST - Elevating Drilling Excellence


EGYPT ENERGY SHOW 2024: DOEAST - Elevating Drilling Excellence


Greetings from Doeast Chemical Company!

We specialize in high-performance oil drilling chemicals, and we're thrilled to showcase our expertise at EGYPES 2024.

Qingdao Doeast Chemical Co.,Ltd

Stand No.:  1G26

Date:  FEB 19 (Monday) - FEB 21 (Wednesday), 2024

Venue:  Egypt International Exhibition Center, Cairo, Egypt


Mr. Allen: +86 156 0532 8620(WhatsApp)

**Featured Products:**

1. **Xanthan Gum (Oil Drilling Grade):**

   - Ensures efficient drilling with optimal viscosity control.

   - Stability in challenging drilling conditions.


2. **Organophilic Clay:**

   - Enhances mud rheology and facilitates cuttings removal.


3. **Polyanionic Cellulose (PAC API):**

   - Crucial for fluid loss control with stable viscosity.


4. **Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose (CMC API):**

   - Improves drilling fluid rheology and provides shale inhibition.


5. **Carboxymethyl Starch Sodium (API Starch):**

   - Enhances fluid viscosity and stability in various drilling conditions.


6. **Sodium Asphalt Sulfonate (SAS):**

   - Ideal for high-temperature drilling, improving fluid properties.


**Why Choose Doeast:**

- **Tailored Solutions:** Custom formulations to meet specific drilling needs.

- **24/7 Technical Support:** Seamless integration support at your fingertips.

- **Global Reach:** Timely delivery worldwide for uninterrupted operations.


Visit our booth at EGYPES 2024 to discover how Doeast Chemical Company can enhance your drilling operations.

Join us for excellence in every drop!